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A Welcome from Debby (CEO)


After 10 years of working as driving instructor I found myself working for a company dealing with young disengaged learners. They were playing catch up as main stream education had failed to address their educational needs.The company was attempting to achieve this by theory alone. My husband, Neil and I quickly became discouraged as we realised that theory on its own was not going to change the lives of these young people. Practical application was desperately needed!

In 2010 we formed a company dedicated to offering vocational programmes with embedded key skills aimed at addressing the needs of those disadvantaged learners. Neil and I attended Huddersfield University to gain our teaching qualifications to prepare ourselves for the challenge ahead.

Our core aims for those that we are engaged with are to...:


  • work with them on their personal and social development through vocational programmes.

  • re-engage them and get them back into the education system, whether that be a school, college, apprenticeship or work.


Starting with nothing but a firm conviction we accepted the obvious challenges. Over the subsequent 12 years or so we have taken on the steep learning curve and worked hard to build BF Education to what it is today. We are thrilled to see our young people working on their personal and social development and gaining practical skills and qualifications on the way.

The learning curve is still there for us but we are in it for the long haul as we see those that we work with succeed and become valued members of society.


Neil (Operations Manager)


Together we build individual learning plans for our learners this ensures that they can develop skills best suited to their needs giving them the opportunity to achieve and maximise their potential.


We set projects and targets with each individual learner in which ever vocation they select and ensure that they are given the time, materials, tools and teaching to successfully complete them.


We endevour to make their time here engaging and rewarding and upon completion will have moved them nearer to their life’s goal.


What they do today can improve all their tomorrows.

Operations Manager

Our Building


Quick Contact: Phone (0161) 737 4790: EMail:

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