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A Brief look at some of our
Construction Carousel:
With:  Neil and Michael

Bricklaying: Using bricks and breeze block, learn how to make a cement mix and a mortar mix, learn about the right materials and tools for the job and how to use them correctly and safely. Undertake projects such as building a BBQ, walls, pillars, raised garden planters etc.

Plumbing: Learn about the various pipes, materials and tools used, learn how to fit and plumb in sinks, bath, showers, toilets and radiators, change taps and fix burst pipes and dripping taps, etc.

Plastering: Learn about the different types of plaster and what they are used for, how to make a plaster mix, what tools to use and how to use them safely, etc.   

Painting: Learn about the different paints and what they are used for, different paint brushes and rollers and how to use them properly, learn how to paint different surfaces, inside and outside, etc.


Learn about the different tiles and adhesives used to tile a wall or a floor, learn about the tools and how to use them properly and safely, Learn how to design, measure, cut and fit various tiles


Wallpapering: Learn how to prepare the surface which is going to be papered and why this is important, Learn how to measure, cut and hang different types of wall papers and how to use the various tools properly and safely.

Kitchen fitting: Learn how to design, measure and Install base units and wall units, how to cut worktops and fit sinks, etc.    


Demolition: Learn how to safely take down walls, deconstruct internal partitions and frameworks etc.



Vehicle Maintenance




In our vehicle maintenance sessions you'll cover things like













 We pride ourselves in the fact that we can teach the theory as well as the practical.

  • Routine vehicle maintenance (cars, motorcycles etc)

  • Removal and replacement of vehicle units

  • Diagnosis and rectification of vehicle faults.

  • Valeting cars

  • Fitting and replacing vehicle tyres

  • Gain understanding in Health & Safety in the workplace, including PPE

  • Various metals bending / cutting / shaping.

  •  Complete car / bike bodywork

  •  Work on trailers

  •  Undertake various metalwork projects.

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